International Crisis Group

Pakistan's Displacement Crisis

The Pakistani army's recent campaigns against militants in the country's northwest has led to the displacement of millions.  For more information see Crisis Group's Briefing Pakistan's IDP Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities.

WSJ. Magazine Wall to Wall Blog

Kulture Vultures of the Cold War

An interview with Jack Masey, USIA Chief of Design for the 1959 American Exhibition in Moscow.  The video accompanies a WSJ. Magazine Wall to Wall Blog posting about the 50th anniversary of the so-called "Kitchen Debate."

African Lens:

The Story of Priya Ramrakha

dir by Shravan Vidyarthi, edited by Randy Bell

African Lens depicts the tumultuous and dynamic period of 1960's Africa through the long-forgotten photos of Priya Ramrakha.

Priya was one of Kenya’s first photojournalists, and one of the first Africans to shoot for Life, once America’s most famous photography magazines.  He was killed covering the Biafran War in 1968.

Current TV

"Surviving Kenya" and "Food Fight"

Videos for Current TV about the post-election violence in Kenya in 2007 - 2008 and about the food crisis in Ethiopia.

Manhattan, Kansas

a film by Tara Wray

DP and Co-Producer, Randy Bell

A documentary about a most unusual mother & child reunion.